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Tree Management

Please find below, the services we provide. If you need any further information or cannot find the service you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


The planting of trees is important to many aspects of local ecosystems, whether it's introducing a new specimen tree to a garden or planting a small spinney or woodland.

We offer a planting service to satisfy your requirements and meet as many of your needs as possible. We hold the current qualification for tree planting and establishment. 

Crown Thinning

The thinning of the tree canopy allows for a greater penetration of dappled sunlight thought the canopy. This is achieved by removing equally, the internal and external growth of the canopy. This process also helps to reduce the wind sail effect of the tree.

Crown Reductions and Shaping

There are a number of reasons why we choose to reduce the height and spread of a tree canopy. This can be to allow for more light, reduce the end weight of branches to maintain a safe tree or for removing lateral branches from boundaries. When this process is carried out it is important to ensure that the correct procedures are adhered to to ensure the trees health after any operations is maintained as well as can be. The way this is carried out is, a percentage or distance is agreed and that distance is then removed from each individual branch to maintain the overall natural shape.


Felling is the removal of a tree or group of trees. We remove trees, with the appropriate consent, to allow for more light, space or if a tree is deemed unsafe. We understand that due to space constraints, felling a tree can be dangerous so work to the highest safety standards and with extreme precision. 


Dismantling a tree may be required when a tree is situated in a delicate area, for example, if the tree overhangs a greenhouse, garage or a neighbouring property. This can be carried out by handheld techniques or using lowering devices and rigging systems. This method may be required when a controlled decent is essential to protect lawns, shrubbery and nearby buildings.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is required when a tree may overhang a public right of way, your own garden or a neighbouring property. If there are low hanging branches, these will be removed to an agreed height to ensure there is adequate space below the tree. For instance, you may need 2m of clearance underneath a tree to access all areas of your garden. We can then raise the canopy height to suit.

Removal of defective and crossing branches

This may be known as 'dead wooding' and involves removing any dead or defective branches from the canopy, which may become unsafe. This is carried out by accessing the tree by rope and harness and carefully extracting these branches and any that may be crossing over and touching one another.


This practice is a management technique which involves cutting a tree down to ground level and allowing the stump to re-grow. Some species of trees respond well to this process for example Sycamore, Ash and Willow trees.

Stump grinding

Using a mechanical grinder to grind tree stumps to approximately 10 inches below ground level. This method is used either to allow for re-planting of a tree or shrub in replacement or just to remove the stump and allow for a re-use of space.